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Product information


1) Stable and reliable performance and well wind resistance
2) Vacuum heat-collecting tubes at high temperature
3) Dual-purpose brackets for both flat and inclined roof
4) Meeting the demand of well-to-do families
5) Economical goods
1) Thickness of bracket: 1.2mm-1.5mm
2) Heat-pipe vacuum tube: 58 mm x 1.8m or 47mm x 1.5m
3) Inner tank: SUS304-2B food grade stainless steel
4) Outer tank: steel
5) Capacity: 100L-300L
6) Insulating layer thickness: 50 - 60mm
7) Inner tank thickness of: 0.4 - 0.5mm
8) Tank diameter: 450-470mm
9) Pressure: 0Pa
10) Heat preservation: 72hrs
11) Hail resistance: 25mm
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