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Product information

Solar water heating system
The design and construction for fine integrated solutions.
●Split Solar Hot Water Heater.
●Different with traditional collectors.
●The perfect combination with building arbitrary.
●Anti-freezing, Anti-ice ball shock.
●Automatic enter water,25 years life.

system feature
Building combined - embedded balcony hanging and waterproof installation.
Intelligent control - the automatic control system, the application more convenient and reliable.
Outstanding function - heating system and heating system
Freezing design -(- 40 °C) normal work .
Split installation - housetop scuttle and basement.
Automatic enter water - easy to use.
Long life design - normal operation system for more than 20 years.
Water pressure test pressure - 1.2 Mpa, working pressure 0.75 Mpa.
Medium cycle - use antifreeze.
Assisting heating - timed temperature control.
Pure water - filter water.
High water temperature design - water temperature 40 -85 ℃ adjustable to meet different needs.

High-quality water tanks
Avionics inner tank, make water tank with steel corrosion resistance, anti-corrosion isolation.
Seamless welding technology, fundamentally eliminate the leakage.
Pu heat insulation layer, heat preservation is perfect.
Special design of leakage protector and safety valve, and pressure safety.
Non-oxygenic copper, heat exchanger more quickly.

Optimization of intelligent control
Using the latest automatic microcomputer intelligent control, energy saving, simple operation.
Industrial standard device, can work in the cold, high temperature, wet environments.
Performance is stable and reliable, humanization of none water burn, high temperature burning security measures

Integrated with the roof, the aroma was sent out from nature, enhance each other's beauty and It is special for inter-shining residential building.

meet all family hot water use and underground heating need, make quality life for resident.

Split Pressure Water Tank without location restriction placed, Adaptable, Easy water

the intelligent control system, supply hot water automatically, all that is your soul desires.

Aviation aluminum alloy frame and oversell collector, 3.2 MM low tempered glass, resists the typhoon and hail of severe weather, etc.

hot water goes out in seconds

High quality, advanced technology, more than 20 years life.

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