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High efficient solar flat plate collector

Beautiful appearance
High quality solar flat plate collector works harmony naturally with architecture, safety and beautiful.
Modular design can be combined freely, flexible coping of various buildings and different water demand and the whole aluminum alloy frame collector works well with oversell collector to reach exquisite architectural design

selective absorber
Sputtering coating, the one piece absorber blue titanium is higher heat efficiency, efficiency is above 95%
Low iron tempered glass, transmission rate was above 92%, fully capture every sunshine
Special designed absorber "S" Type and Grid Type make the water temperature fast
Anaerobic copper absorption, high thermal conductivity is very good, thicker insulation materials to heat preserve all heat

Outstanding quality
Aviation aluminum alloy frame and 3.2 mm low iron tempered glass, resists the typhoon, the hail of severe weather, etc.
Excellent frost-resistance capability, even at -40 °C below freezing area, also can use normally.
Sputtering blue titanium and laser welding technology perfect reunion, can make the product life over 25 years.

Design advantage
efficient design -- First S type collector in china, low flow rate, over 80% efficiency.
Prevent accidental design, typhoon, snow, hail, prevent thunder storm, electric shock design.
Bear High work pressure of, design, test pressure 0.75 Mpa, 1.2 Mpa, and keep 5 minutes.
Modular design, installation, convenient combinations.
Safety design, accord with SO9806, EN12975, T6424GB/ASNZS, 2535.1, ASHRAE109 standards.
Ant freezing Design, can work in- 40°environment temperature, water temperature45-85°c is adjustable.
New design, the first oversell collector, conforms to the European fashion

Home heating energy saving, more user-friendly to keep at room temperature 18-23 ℃ automatically six times a day between the micro-computer temperature control, power failure memory, clock figures show that the whole family to enjoy a comfortable feeling of natural temperature.

Quick Energy
Drying room set up an automatic temperature control ,40-120 ℃ adjustable between the wide range of applications: industrial products, agricultural products, livestock products, processed farm drying, greenhouse heating heating, energy saving over 70%. The same applies to any Alpine Area.

Sunshine regression
Greenhouse warming system to maintain room temperature about 20 ℃, heating speed, shorten the time of seedling growth, light and heat quickly to make carbon dioxide into oxygen.

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