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Flat and building integrated solar
High-rise building with the flat-panel solar energy

Small high-rise, high-level users can install flat panel on the balcony solar water heating systems, do not take up space inside the balcony, self-contained, stand-alone.

Construction according to the balcony and wall size custom specifications for flat-plate collector to maximize the use of solar energy, to resolve the roof area is not enough and the water too long and so difficult, ensuring the natural combined with the construction.
Villa Architecture and flat-panel solar energy
Split the installation, will be shelved or flat solar collectors embedded in the roof, hidden into the roof, walls and building one, truly building integrated solar water heater.

Pressure-type split water tank can be installed on the attic, or bathroom, or even underground garage, etc., without space constraints. Equipped with automatic intelligent control systems, business efficiency and reliable, superior quality.

Multi-story buildings with flat solar
Use of sub-or sub-Shan-dong no central heating, follow the "first to focus, after sub-family" in the form of hot water supply can be fully optimized to balance demand and achieve the greatest degree of heat utilization.

Excellent heat transfer methods and intelligent control system makes it possible to separate household management, but also to meet the individual needs of tenants, all waiting for supplying hot water; to do the design and construction at the same time, while the construction at the same time delivery, property management is difficult to solve problem.

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