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integrated pressurized solar water heater
Product information


◆Highly efficient absorber of high performance with daily average efficiency over 50%.
◆Start up quickly, heat pipe transfer the heat energy into the storage tank in one direction.
◆Withstand pressure of 6 Bar, can be connected directly with city water.
◆No water inside the evacuated tubes; the solar water heater can still in service even with several tubes breakage.
◆Highly efficient insulation with polyurethane foam.
integrated pressurized solar water heaters

Material of storage tank
Outer tank: colorful steel, 0.4mm thick
Inner Tank: interior SUS 304-2B 1.2 mm/1.5mm
thick Insulation Polyurethane foam, 50 mm
working pressure: 6Bar
Daily efficiency: ≥55% (≥42% in winter)
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