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solar station

Suitable for:
Suitable for Split and Pressure system, which set the flow control, heat cycle, the exhaust,pressure control, temperature display, the transfer liquid injection / discharge ,etc,Such
multi-functional in one compact package of components, it have the features of
easy to-use and installation, its material and operating characteristics to take into
account long time of collector in high temperature and other characteristics of the

Main technical data
Technical data:
Dimension of Appearance:L42cm×W28cm×H14cm
Power Consumption:< 4W
Accuracy of temperature measuring:±2oC
Range of collector temperature measuring:-10~200oC
Range of tank temperature measuring:0~100oC
Suitable power of pump:4pcs,< 600W
Suitable power of electrical heater:1pc,<1500W
One Sensor for collector(pt1000,probe≤500oC,Silicon cable≤280oC)
Two Sensors for tank (pt1000,probe≤135oC,pvc cable≤105oC)
Ambient temperature:-10~50oC
Water proof grade:IP43

Main functions
DT O & DT F Temperature difference controlling the Solar circuit pump
THET THET Timing heating
EM EM Emergency collector temperature(emergency switch-off temperature of collector)
CMX CMX Maximum limited collector temperature(collector cooling function)
CMN CMN low temperature protection of collector
CFR CFR frost protection of collector
SMX SMX Maximum temperature of tank
REC REC Tank re-cooling function
DVWG DVWG Anti-Legionella function
CIRC temperature controlled CIRC hot water circuit pump
CIRC time controlled CIRC hot water circuit pump
nMIN nMIN Solar circulation pump speed adjusting(RPM speed controlling)
Digital flow meter
OHQM OHQM Thermal energy measuring
INTV INTV Pump interval fucntion
Auxiliary function:
a, heating return rising, b. temperature controling, c: high temperature reducing. d: by-pass pipe
Holiday fucntion
HND HND Manual mode
PASS PASS Password setting
LOAD LOAD Recovery to factory setting
Manual Heating
Temperature query function
Memory Protection
Screen protection
Trouble protection
ebus function(far distance controlling by keypad with display)


solar stations
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