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U pipe solar collector
Product information

Evacuated tubes convert solar energy into thermal energy that is transferred to copper U pipes by an aluminum fin with high solar energy absorption and low heat radiance loss.

Uses an electrical heater to heat water during cloudy days or at night. Liquid (pure water or glycol) in the U pipe heats up, and the U pipe conducts thermal energy to the water inside the storage tank through internal copper coils.

As the water temperature can be adjusted using an automatic controller, user can get hot water all day long.
Solar water heaters can still work even with several tubes broken.
With a testing pressure of 12 bar, this system has a working pressure of 6 bar.
Highly efficient insulation with integrated polyurethane foam.
We have been a leading manufacturer and exporter of Solar Collector With U Pipe
U pipe solar collectors


 GU-2.0-58 x 1500/12

 GU-2.4-58 x 1800/12

 Type of Class Tube

 ø 58 x 1500mm

 ø 58 x 1800mm

 Number of Tube



 U Copper Type

 ø 10 x 0.6mm

 ø 10 x 0.6mm


 CFC Free

 Fluid Type

 Glycol Solution

 Fluid Content



 Tested Pressure



 System Pressure



 Cut Lenth of efficiency




 1724 x 1000 x 185mm

 2024 x 1060 x 185mm

 Net Weight



 Packing Demension

 1760 x 1100 x 200mm

 2060 x 1100 x 200mm

 Gross Weight



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